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Puke Stories -- Right Here!
This one time, in band camp... Actually, it was in choir: one of the sopranos vomited all over the risers and instigated a vomit comet chain that extended 'round the entire chorus. Once one person saw/heard/smelt the puke, they would inevitably add their own to the growing puddle on the ground (or the person next to them) and it was the most awesome thing I'd ever beheld in my young life, especially since the girl who started it (and was subsequently puked upon by the next person) was a totally stuck-up bitch. It was a hark-fest of epic proportions; by the time all casualties were tallied, about 37 different people had either up chucked or been chucked upon (or both).

The Joys Of Parenthood -- Add Yours Here!
For those of you with children who do disgusting things, or for things that happened during/after pregnancies. Fire away!

For The Boys (Cocknball Stories And The Like)-- Add Yours Here!
Here's one for the boys! (Or the girls who've had any strange encounters of the cock 'n ball variety.) Weird or gross dick stories? Add them here!

Shit Stories -- Add Yours Here!
A few days ago I took a double-layered log shit that looked like one of those packages of Eckridge Farms sausage you'd find in the grocery store. I'll never think of sausage the same way again.

Also, tonight, I shat so much and so hard I could swear there was discernible gray matter contained within.
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Rag Stories -- Add Yours Here!
To get us started, I thought I'd offer up one of my own TMI Stories:

Whenever I'm on the rag, I fart. Constantly. The least little thing will set me off. Fortunately (depending on what I've eaten), the farts don't really stink and aren't even all that loud or noticeable, although my body seems to contain enough gas during this one week to fill the area of Jupiter or some other similar gas giant. I could probably support an entire methane-breathing ecosystem on my own whenever Aunt Flo comes to town.

So what happens to you when you're on the rag?

Welcome to TMI Land
Welcome to TMI Land, a place to share all the things you wish you could share with others (but are too shy, or uptight, to do so). Feel free to post, if you aren't squeamish about not being anonymous, or else post anonymously in one of the existing threads.

TMI, for those of you who don't know, means Too Much Information. This usually applies to all things uncouth, impolite, and unmentionable, which are completely acceptable here. Feel free to gross us out with your worst habits, embarrassing moments, or general observations about the more disgusting things in life. We all have gross things (that no one wants to hear about) happen to us on a regular basis, and we all want to share those moments with someone but often can't. So here you go, fire away!

Of course with all things Internet and "community", there are rules:

1. Profanity: go for it. If you don't like what you see, then don't look.

2. Spamming or being off topic: will get you banned and deleted.

3. Flaming: yes, this site is here to gross people out, but at least be adult about it and be civil to one another. Again, if you don't like what you see, then don't look. Bullshit will not be tolerated. I would like very much to leave this community unmoderated, but if you can't behave yourselves, then it will be.

4. Racist/Sexist/Homophobic behavior: will get you banned and deleted.

5. Grammar & Spelling: USE THEM. This isn't a fucking SMS/text message.

6. A Sense Of Humor: have one.
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